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Shipping Disclaimer

About Us: Noura Glow Cosmetics, INC. (NGC) is a "Plant Derived/Naturally Derived" high performance ingredients skin & hair care brand for men, women, and children. NGC products are handcrafted formulas passionately created and made.

All of our products are hand-made in the USA.


NGC skin care products are formulated to treat a variety of skin conditions caused by but not limited to inflamed skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and more. 


NGC hair care products are formulated to treat and repair dry, damaged, and brittle hair.


NGC skin and hair care products are nourishing, radiant, soothing, calming, healing, moisturizing, emollient, and much more. All around just fabulous products!


NGC products are "multi-use/multi-purpose" products unless otherwise specified. i.e. "not recommended for".


Shipping/Disclaimer Information: 


Shipping: After your order has been received, processed, and payment collected your product(s) will ship via USPS unless otherwise requested i.e. "will pick up". There is an additional shipping fee not included with original order.


Shipping Fee(s): Shipping Fee(s) are based on the USPS published rates. These shipping rates range between $7.25 - $15.05 dollars. Rates also depends on your order, the weight, and number of boxes/packages being shipped. If there's any shipping issues/changes a call or email will be made/sent to the consumer.


Shipping Notifications: USPS deliveries do not receive a signature (unless requested) at the time of order, and will be left at the address/location if no one is present at time of delivery.


After product(s) have shipped NGC will send an email to the consumer listed on the order placed. This email will contain shipping and tracking information.


Delivery Timeframe: If you require product(s) be delivered by a certain timeframe or date, verify product(s) availability, and if possible to receive by timeframe at time order placed. Some product(s) can be ordered online but may not be in stock. NGC does not guarantee at anytime a certain delivery date or timeframe. Any timeframe for shipping or delivery is all based on an estimation. Orders with deadlines please order well in advance. NGC is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or delayed shipments or damages of any kind caused by the freight or freight carriers.


Disclaimers: First and foremost Noura Glow Cosmetics, INC. (NGC) products have healing properties. Noura Glow Cosmetics, INC. (NGC) products are not medicinal, medically prescribed, or FDA tested or approved. 


With all skin & hair care products it takes time before you start to see results. With our products you should start to see results within 1 - 3 months. If consumer follows recommended use.


Depending on the consumer usage of the product(s) the product(s) should last between 1 - 3 months if not longer.


Product(s) Storage: NGC product(s) should be set at room temperatures between (65° - 75°), and in dark areas.


To correct any viscidity/rancidity issues refrigerate until product(s) in original form product(s) received. To prevent any viscidity/rancidity tightly seal jar(s), bottle(s), cap(s)/closures. Store product(s) at room temperature, again between (65° - 75°), and keep in dark areas, away from moisture, extreme heat, and UV light.


If Product(s) Malfunctions: If product(s) malfunctions do steps listed above under "Product(s) Storage". If product(s) still not correcting a replacement will be shipped to you. Again, there are no refunds, only replacements of malfunctioned product(s). If your product(s) has malfunctioned you have 3 days after product(s) received to report any malfunctions to receive replacement(s). See under "Return and Refund Policy".


Miscellaneous/FAQ's: What's the difference between a Body Butter, Cream, etc? The difference is the texture, the feel, and thickness or not of the Butter or Cream, etc. Same difference as a Body Oil or Lotion. 

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