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Product Description: This soap is a naturally infused, herb blend soap made for all, women, men, and children. All though our soap ingredients are formulated to help and treat issues such as with pH balance, bacterial, and yeast irregulations. Our natural soap/yoni soap has cleansing and antibacterial ingredients formulated for all, women, men, and children. Our natural soap/yoni soap has a natural scent from the infused herb blends. 

Natural Soap

  • Product Information: All though our "Yoni Soap" is infused with Yoni Herbs, the soap has cleansing agents and ingredients formulated for ALL, women, men, and children. These soaps are "multi-purpose"/"multi-functional" use. Welcome to use for all. The soap is just specifically formulated to target women with reproductive issues in their system(s), but not limited to. Again, this soap is multi-beneficial, issues related to bacterial infections, residue buildup and more.


    If product malfunctions within 3 days product(s) can be replaced within 3 days of malfunction.

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