creative coaching services

I am putting the finishing touches on my creative coaching services that will be launching in the Fall!

I have been there…for a long time. Creating and maintaining a handmade business is challenging and often intimidating. Let me help you navigate the roadblocks, forks in the road, and potholes to reach your creative business goals. Want to learn a little more about my journey? Check out my About Me page (3 minute read).

Are you looking for some one-on-one guidance and mentoring in the following areas?

• Resin Arts
• Flower Preservation
• Selling On Etsy
• Social Media Marketing for the Beginner

Then be sure to sign up for my VIP list to gain first access to my creative coaching services. Space will be limited!

creative coaching services

Questions? Let’s see if I can answer them!

What will your creative coaching services look like?

If you sign up for one-on-one coaching with me, we will work through not only the broader topics of running your own handmade/creative business, but those specific issues YOU are facing. Each creative business is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. I will get an intimate look into what your goals are, your challenges, your strengths and areas that need improvement. And over a predetermined amount of time and schedule, we will tackle each issue you’re facing.

When will your courses be available?

I’m aiming for mid November to launch several coaching options, to start with. As time and interest allows, I will be adding more. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head and Google documents, you would believe!

How can I sign up, once the courses launch? How will we meet?

I will have an appointment app available here on my website and through my Instagram profile that will make it easy to make your reservation. We will meet via a Zoom-like video conferencing app…that detail is to be determined!

How can I be the first to know when your courses launch?

Easy! Sign up for my VIP list for early access (I wont spam you…promise).